Thursday, 20 January 2011


Gravy in a Box Kit
Some of my regular readers, and friends, will recall that last autumn I was contacted by a PR company representing Marmite in response to my blog post about Nigella's surprisingly tasty Marmite Spaghetti. I was kindly sent a limited edition jar of Marmite - limited in the sense that it did not last long in my house!

Once again, Demon Cook has been lucky enough to earn some free samples, this time from the PR company representing British Onions, who contacted me yesterday to ask if I would like a Gravy In A Box Kit from British Onions. Now, I'm not once to turn down a free lunch, nor indeed a box of foodie goodies, so of course I accepted, and at lunchtime today, a large and satisfyingly weighty box arrived for me. Inside, a good kilo or more of red and brown onions, plus other delights: another jar of Marmite, proper old-fashioned tomato ketchup by Wilkin & Sons, good old Colman's English Mustard, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, and Mushroom Ketchup, an ingredient which has always intrigued me, and one which I regard as a store-cupboard essential, like Anchovy Essence, which my mother always kept in her larder. I very rarely make gravy, but I do like onions - and Marmite, and ketchup and mustard, and Worcestershire Sauce is essential for cheese on toast or on a cheese omelette - so there is no question everything will be put to good use. So, thanks again, British Onions and Phipps PR!

I wonder if I were writing a fashion blog, might I be in line for some Louboutins or the odd Mulberry handbag.....?

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