Monday, 24 October 2011


Black garlic is the new foodie trend to hit the supermarket shelves (I found it in my local Tesco), though it has been a staple of Asian cuisine. It will either be short-lived, and will disappear as mysteriously as it appeared, once the furore has stilled, or it will become as ubiquitous as sun-dried tomatoes and preserved lemons, now crucial components of any good cook's store-cupboard.

Black garlic is made by fermentation and the process results in molasses-black garlic cloves which have a deep balsamic sweetness while retaining the tangy flavour of garlic. The fermentation process leaves the cloves soft and melt-in-the mouth, rather like dried fruit. In health terms, it has twice as many antioxidants as raw garlic, and in Taoism is said to grant immortality. A thoroughly good ingredient, then.

In cooking, it lends depth and pungency to a stew. I chucked a clove into my Chicken Cacciatura last Saturday, and the friend who came to dinner spotted it - or rather he noticed an interesting deep garlicky flavour. If you like garlic, but can't bear its acrid bite, or its unpleasant after-effects, try black garlic for a new taste experience.

More on black garlic here


  1. I am a garlic addict. I rarely go a day without eating it. Have heard of this before but must hunt some down!

  2. I found it in Tesco, hanging up near the cooking oils. It was also featured in the Waitrose magazine, so I guess they stock it too.... I'd never heard of it before

  3. I had not heard of black garlic. I will have to see if I can find some here in south Missouri.

  4. Black garlic? I have never heard too...