Saturday, 14 January 2012


I was delighted when one of the people I follow on Twitter, a fellow foodie, flagged up a link to the new website and blog of Ash Mair, 2011 winner of Masterchef: the Professionals. Throughout the contest, Ash produced fascinating and delicious-looking dishes, many inspired by his travels in Spain, a country whose cuisine I adore. His personality and approach is also very appealing: as he says on his website: "I like to cook faff-free food that tastes nice and makes people happy". Ash, you iz the man!

The site is easy to navigate and includes Ash's musings on the whole Masterchef experience, as well as links to some of his recipes (more coming soon). You can also find his recipes on the BBC's Masterchef pages, including the dishes he cooked in the final, and recipes from other contestants.

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  1. great news..thanks for sharing